ECPS provide direct to customer and sub-contacting services in residential preventative maintenance, installations, minor renovations and repairs. We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and cost effective for you.

  • Tasks up to 3 hrs is $50 for the first hour and $22.50 for every 30min block following #1
  • Tasks beyond 3hrs is quoted per job to ensure:
    • Adequate time for sourcing materials
    • Availability of machinery and tools
    • Reasonable time scheduled to complete the job
  • ECPS can provide monthly invoicing for scheduled repetitive tasks and sub-contracting. #2

Simplified and convenient payment options include Credit/Debit Card, Cash, e-Pay through invoice and Direct Deposit.  Receipts delivered electronically via SMS or eMail. #3

#1 Minimum $50 includes first hour. Additional time charged in 30min blocks or part thereof.

#2 Monthly invoicing only available for scheduled maintenance, for a contracted period of 2mths or greater, or for sub-contracting to businesses with an ABN.

#3 Direct Deposit and Cash Payments do not attract any additional processing fees.  All other methods of payment including Visa, MasterCard (Credit or Debit) or American Express attract a merchant processing fee of 1.9%.  Over the phone card payments attract a 2.2% merchant processing fee.